Why Our Products

  • Pastry “R” Us is a very young and progressive business
  • Established by professionals
  • Pastry “R” Us is producing “Turkish Gozleme” at its HACCP approved food production factory
  • With Pastry “R” Us business agreements are always reliable since their production is nonstop and they have sufficient number of employees to carry out their duties with no interruption
  • Pastry “R” Us is supplying its products to all states on weekly/monthly basis
  • Pastry “R” Us products are already being sold at take-away shops, cafes, restaurants, super markets, weekend markets and various city council festivals.
  • Pastry “R” Us products are standard as far as the size, the amount and the quality of ingredients and the taste are concerned
  • Pastry “R” Us products are healthy due to no additives other then the natural ingredients shown on the packs.  The nutritional facts are also placed on the packs for customer information
  • With Pastry “R” Us no on site food preparation is required as all the products are prepacked and semi cooked.  The hygiene of the products is very important
  • Pastry “R” Us eliminates the possible food related health hazards (specially for meat products) since all products  are packed in vacuum bags and frozen.
  • Pastry “R” Us products are ready to serve within 3 minutes after opening their packs.  Due to this feature serving time is being reduced substantially.
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